ECX Token ICO Report

Dear Token Holder,

Here by we will giving the summary of ECX token sales during the period 23 June 2018 till 26 Oct 2018. Although we are not reaching the softcap of the ICO fund raising. We are very thankful for the investor that had been believe in us running the ECX Project, with the vision cryptocurrency (ECX Token) able to use in real business project and able making real assets tradable in crypto.

The following will be the summary of the token distribution, with total supply of 1,000,000 ECX Token (One Million ECX Token)

ICO Sales : 49,253.64 ECX

Exchange : 100,000 ECX (10%) —– Item 1

Sales & Marketing : 100,000 ECX (10%) —– Item 2

Token circulation : 249,253.64 ECX —– Item 3

Unsold ICO Token : 250,746.36 ECX —– Item 4

Total Reserved : 750,746.36 ECX —– Item 5

In the ICO we had total of 49,253.64 ECX Token had been sold. As the commitment from our team, the unsold token (item 4) will be reserve in a cold wallet till 1st of July 2019. To sum up, total 750,746.36 (item 5) will be lock and it will not circulate in the market till 1st of July 2019.

While the 10% (100,000 ECX) of the business and development reserve token will only be release to the market, if there is a large demand on the token and current circulation is not able to meet the demand for the new project.

Total token distribution can be found on

Currently, ECX token had been listed on TokenJar (Decentralize Exchange), trading can be on the exchange.

ISAAC TAN, CEO of ECX Token Project